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Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.

Khalil Gibran


Some things are made to last a lifetime, other things are made to last for eternity 

The Eternity Shawl, or Wrap if you like, is just that … made to last into eternity ... 

YES, I am in LOVE, I want this bundle!

When you make this shawl you make almost 2 meters or 7 feet of pure love.

A piece like this takes concentration, determination and persistence to finish.

However, the prize when you cross the finish line is the ultimate feeling of mastery, love and gratitude.

Mastery because finishing a huge piece like this is bound to create the feeling of mastering in you - and isn't that just the best feeling? Boosting your self-esteem and confidence. There is little that can compete with that.

Gratitude because you are able to create such a beautiful piece, which you perhaps didn’t see yourself ever knit … and enjoy the process.

Love … simply because it follows naturally from the mastering and gratitude!


You might argue that making it would also take you a lifetime ...


I promise you, it doesn’t!



All Anne's designs are inspired by the Norwegian nature and light. So also this shawl and the color combination 🤍


Original yarn is 27 stitches per 10cm/4” yarn … or fingering yarn if you like.

Needles: 3 mm/ 2 US

Number of colors: 7

Knitted in the round and steeked - keep on reading and see how you can fix that steeking (and if you are new to this, steeking means to cut open in the knitting language)!

Size: approximately 180-200 cm / 6-7 feet long and approx 75 cm /2.5 feet wide (can easily be adapted to any size you want)

Original yarn: Supersoft from Holst

Yarn required of original yarn: 12 balls for the shortest version and 13 for the longest.


N.O.W.  Y.O.U.  M.I.G.H.T.  T.H.I.N.K.

"Well, I hear you, but I will never be able to make this shawl." 


And, that’s when I say

You are wrong, my dear knitter!


If you have knitted colorwork before and you decide that you WANT to knit this, then you CAN knit this.
You just need to make a plan … because this project is not a two week project. 
This is a project to treasure and enjoy to the max.
A project where you knit one row and then you "just have to" sit there and touch and look at your work for a few minutes before you knit the next row.
Yes, I absolutely want this!

The Eternity Shawl Experience is a Mountain Rose Shawl designed with Norwegian knitting traditions in mind - and this is the second time it is made available in English - and most likely the last time it will be available in this form. 

This is a shawl to USE into eternity and you will in this experience get all you need to make the shawl in the next 52 weeks ... if not sooner. 

You can adapt both the width and the length to your own preferences, however remember to also adjust the yarn amount you buy.

The shawl is knit in the round before you steek it (if you not familiar with the jargon, steek means cut). And to make sure you are covered, you get a complete steeking and finishing course which will enable you to make any kind of steeking in the future.

You also get a list of shops and a video to help you find yarn shops that have the original yarn. 

And if you cannot find the yarn, or want to use a local yarn, you will find a video tutorial and pdf explaining how and where to find alternative yarn.

An extensive walk through of colors and how to pick your colors to get the most out of the pattern and makes sure the pattern doesn't “disappear” in the colors - you are also invited to a Color Party Workshop Week that will be held May 22-28, more info will come.

I know that this project can be a challenge and the best of us might need a little motivation now and then to get it finished. Therefore you also get a 52 week long inspiration plan to help you get to the finish line - and for those who sign up for our knitting club the Nook you get, 6 live Q&A calls to get you started in June as well as quarterly live check in calls to motivate and inspire you to move forward

And of course the pattern itself - AND pattern to a matching hat, gloves, fingerless gloves and a pillow case ... AND another surprise pattern. All dripped out in the months to come.  



Patterns to shawl, hat mittens and fingerless mittens, a pillow case and a sur rise - all dripped ou

Detailed yarn descriptions to help you find alternatives


Complete steeking / cutting course - become a steeking expert

Video tutorials and pdfs supporting you when you shall decide on your colors

List of yarn shops around the world selling the yarns in the patterns

Life time access to all the material in a closed portal online.

I want to knit to an Eternity Shawl!





1. Bonus Patterns 

Everyone gets 3 Eternity bonus patterns: a hat, fingerless mittens and a surprise pattern later in the autumn


2. Early Bird Bonuses to everyone joining before May 8th

2 live Q&A Calls with Anne early May + a needle wrap pattern to practice on  (replay of calls are available for everyone who signs up also after May 8th.


3. Mother's Day Bonus 

If you sign up before midnight (US Pacific time on 14th of May) you also get a booklet with 5 knitting patterns to knit with kids ... a lovely way to spend time together AND to teach the new generations this fantastic craft of ours 🖤 This will be sent out later this Month.   


4. NEW >>>  6 new Bonus Calls

Every Monday in June you are invited to a live Q&A call where you can ask all your questions during the startup phase. And it doesn't stop there, you can chose between two different times every Monday.  


5. NEW >>>  Canva color picking template and tutorial

I have made this really cool template in Canva (Free program online) where you can pick colors for your shawl ... or any other project really.

Chona L


Anne's work is stellar, and the patterns and courses are a dream to follow.

Nicky G


I love Anne’s patterns as they are so straightforward and very easy to understand. Also her tutorials are brilliant. 💖



I’ve been knitting and learning from Anne for the last year. Her patterns are easy to follow and understand. What I also like are her tutorial videos. They are helpful in explaining the pattern and makes your knitting easier and increases your knitting confidence. The end result is a sweater that will fit beautifully and you will love.

... for the Eternity Shawl Experience



  • Pattern to the Eternity Shawl and matching hat and fingerless gloves ... and a surprise pattern later in the year.

  • complete steeking course that will help you through any steeking in the future
  • yarn description to help you find yarn in your local yarn shop

  • detailed video tutorials showing every step from the steeking to ready washed and dried shawl
  • detailed video walk-through of the pattern and detailed charts made in different variants so that you can use what you like best

  • lifetime access to all material in a closed portal

  • yarn shop list over suppliers that sell the original yarns

  • inspiration and progress plan to ensure you get to the finish line
  • knitting journal especially made for the shawl
  • monthly inspiration/check ins in the Facebook group Anne's Norwegian Knitting 
  • and after signing up you also get the option to sign up as an affiliate. What does that mean? That means that if you have friends who want to join, you can make them sign up through your dedicated link (which you get after signing up) and you get 50% of the sum refunded to you. That means that if you have two friends who join, you can join for free AND you can enjoy sharing this experience with someone close to you.

Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.

Henry Van Dyke


Who's the designer?

That's me, Anne! 
A knitting designer, a yarn lover, color conscious Norwegian , knitting motivator and in love with nature and knitting of all kinds. 

Short story is that I have knitted since ... forever.

I have designed knitting patterns my whole life, as I always have made my own designs and never ever followed someone else's pattern (apart from 2 times). I have designed for you guys for nearly 10 years now and thousands of people have knitted my patterns in Norwegian. Now I am all focused on you knitting the patterns in English - and, in addition to designing, teaching knitting is now my mission.  And what can I say? I am loving every minute of it! 

There is little I find more inspiring than to motivate YOU to move your needles and create magic.