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 Discover the Magic of Norwegian Knitting with Anne! 🧶


Are you a knitting enthusiast looking for inspiration? Curious about Norwegian knitting patterns? Craving a vibrant, global community where love for knitting binds everyone together?

Then, Anne's Norwegian Knitting Nook is the place for you!

Immerse yourself in a world where every stitch tells a story. Join our monthly online knitting huddles, partake in themed months, enjoy exclusive patterns, and much more. Whether you're a seasoned knitter or a beginner, you'll find a home in our Nook.

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Some bring along knitting

We knitters tend to bring our knitting along whenever and wherever we are going. In my world you normally normally cannot buy single patterns as they are all part of a course, event or program running. However, I have a couple of patterns that are perfect bring along knitting projects ... g

Christmas dress for the youngest

This pattern covers sizes all the way down to 6 months.

Order here

Never get cold feet again

In this bundle you get three different slipper deigns to knit.

Read more here

Mittens for all seasons

Time limited SPECIAL offer

Read more here

You know that feeling when you weave in that last lose end and hold up garment, look at it and thing to yourself ... WOW this looks good?

You know that feeling when someone comes over to you and says ... WOW that hat was cool, and you tell them that you made it yourself?

You know that feeling when you year after year find the sweaters from the back of your closet when the sweater weather once again sets in - and those sweaters are knitted by you?


is the feeling we are craving and constantly knitting for!

It is YOUR time now -
to create some magic!


The key to get started on your magical Norwegian knitting journey is lying right in front of you - and it can change your life forever


Learning to knit is a lifelong journey, you never really stop learning and what makes it even more magical is that it is a bit like cycling, when you know how to do it, you never forget, you just learn new tricks. And those new tricks will all make your journey even more magical. 


Never again will you: 
  • think that you cannot do this
  • feel scared and overwhelmed about taking on a project with lots of color work
  • wonder about what needles to use or what yarn
  •  be scared of fancy finishing or of projects being too much
From now on it is ALL about you:
  • enjoying the journey and feeling the knitting joy
  • seeing your beautiful garments on you loved ones
  • feeling proud and happy that you can create something that beautiful 
  • being able to pass on wonderful knitted garments that will live for decades 
  • maybe even pass on the wonderful knitting techniques to new generations
  • creating something wonderful with your hands

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Anne has filled my retirement with purpose, joy, and connectednesses. I love every minute I spend with her on this knitting, cultural, life growing journey! ❤️ 

Christy F

Knitter in the US

Anne's Norwegian Knitting is a friendly, helpful, positive, creative and fun place to be!  


Pam H

Knitter in the UK

Anne's Norwegian Knitting world provides a sense of family and friendship that encourages, challenges and inspires

Jennifer M

Knitter in the US

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Free Egg Cosies pattern


First time knitting stranded colorwork? These are cute, small and not overwhelming - perfect to try out color work for the first time. 


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Feb 04, 2024

My favourite yarns - part 2

Jan 26, 2024

Who am I ?

I am Anne, a knitting designer and motivator and sometimes I hide behind the name Varm design (surprise, it means Warm Design). I am passionate about giving you the tools you need to embrace the Norwegian knitting journey and is so looking forward to guiding you on your way to create magic!

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