Frequently asked questions


Is there an overview of the available courses and events?

Not the events as they vary a lot. 

There are 4 courses rotating: 

  • The Power of Knitting - a foundational knitting continental course
  • Norwegian Knitting Magic Level 1
  • Norwegian Knitting Magic Level 2
  • Norwegian Knitting Magic Level 3 (available for the members in the Great Experience only)


Where can buy your patterns?

My patterns are not sold as stand alone, they all come as part of an event, course or membership. The only exception are the patterns that sometimes are available at the front page

We do though, have a test project running in 2024 where you can get some of the Nook patterns for the same fee as a month in the membership. You can check out the available patterns here.

What is the NOOK?

The Nook is the short form of Anne's Norwegian Knitting Nook - a membership with regular events, a cool community, a growing tutorial vault and pattern vault. 

What is the Knit Bliss?

The Knit Bliss is a pattern subscription running from January - December 2024. You can join whenever you want and get instant access to all patterns releases up until the month you sign up.  When you join the Nook for a year (before 1DEC2024) you also get the Knit Bliss in with all the 2024 patterns as a bonus).

What is the Great Experience?

The Great Experience is the short version of the Great Norwegian Knitting Magic Experience. 

This is 12 month program where you join ALL the courses, events and memberships during that 12 month period.   

 Do you sell yarn and yarn kits?

No, I don't. I do however offer extensive help to make sure you get the right yarn for the projects in my courses and events.