On this page you can find our exclusive knitting patterns from previous months, available for individual purchase. While our patterns are typically part of our memberships, events, and courses, this offer is perfect for those who prefer not to join our memberships. Enjoy our unique designs and bring a touch of Norwegian tradition to your knitting projects.

This pattern page is test project during 2024.

2024 patterns


January: Mittens

Not currently available

February: Hat

Not currently available

March:¬†Storem√ły Sweater

Not currently available

April: Slippers

Read more and purchase

May: Baby Blanket

Read more and purchase

June:¬†Veslem√ły Sweater

Read moe and purchase

July: Felted Bags

Read more and purchase

August: Cowl

Coming in August

September: Poncho Sweater 1

Coming in September

October: Mittens  

Coming in October

November: Poncho Sweater 2

Coming in November

December: Hat

Coming in December

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