Come on a Mindful Knitting Journey with us this spring!

It's Norwegian, Intentional, Calming & Exciting - it's N.I.C.E!  And you're going to love it!

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What is the N.I.C.E Challenge all about? 

The heart and core of it is to make you sit down and knit for 15 minutes, 7 days in a row - focusing on Norwegian (or Continental if you like), Intentional, Calming and Exciting knitting. 


To give yourself the well deserved luxury of your own time and at the same time exploring how you can use your knitting even more intentionally in your everyday life. And we start on March 3rd. The detailed agenda will be released on February 18th, but know that this can be done whenever you have time. All live meetings will be recorded and available as replays until March 20th. 

How are we going to do that?
  • lots of knitting love
  • patterns to some small fun projects that are perfect for mindful knitting - make up removal pads and coasters; fun to knit and perfect presents to good friends
  • mindful knitting instructions 
  • knitting journal
  • some fun exercises and tasks
  • a knitting meditation
  • tutorials (including some very basic for those of you who are in the early stages of your knitting journey)

What do you need to join?   

  • 15 minutes for knitting for 7 days, starting Sunday 3rd of March.
  • 1-3 balls of cotton/bamboo/linen yarn for gauge 20-22 stitches per 4"/10cm (Fine, Sport, Light DK)
  • 1 set of 3 mm double pointed needles (2.5 US needles)
  • If you do not have cotton, you can also use wool (preferably without synthetic fibres) and use the knitting projects as coasters instead of make-up removal pads.
  • A love for knitting
  • A wish for learning more
  • An open and loving heart
  • And no, you do not need to be a "pro" for this
I want to join the free knitting challenge

Hey, I am Anne! 

I  am the one who will take you on this 7 day journey! 

I am a Norwegian knitting designer with a huge heart for knitting, designing knitting, teaching knitting, inspiring others to knit ... and for people. 

I have knitted since I was a little girl, and over the last decade thousands have knitted my design and joined my curses and knitalongs. 

I am over the moon happy to be able to invite you to this challenge and hope to see you inside!


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