The Enchanting Tale of Slippers

history nook yarn Mar 31, 2024

A Journey Through Time: The Enchanting Tale of Slippers & Our Newest Pattern

The story of slippers is as warm and inviting as the footwear itself. The term 'slipper' first slipped into the English language in 1478, but the concept of slippers has cradled human feet far longer. Based on cave paintings in Spain, we know that if we wander back thousands of years, we might discover the earliest known slipper.

By the 12th century, Vietnam introduced its own version, while the Middle East, Persia, Arabia, and Italy weren't far behind in developing their styles of soft, indoor footwear.

Among the curious tales of slipper evolution, the story of Alvin Slipper stands out. It's said that Alvin, plagued by the chill of cold feet, dreamt up the idea of slippers, lounge, and indoor shoes. While this tale may veer towards myth, it charmingly underscores the slipper's simple purpose: to offer solace and warmth to our soles.

Today, at Anne’s Norwegian Knitting, we honor this rich history with the launch of our new slipper pattern. Exclusive to members of The Nook and Knit Bliss, this pattern embodies the fusion of tradition and modernity.

It is available in three sizes, with three different diagrams to match the stitch counts, making the projects accessible and enjoyable for knitters of all levels. The slippers are crafted in double strand Supersoft from Holst / Knoll, in two colors—one cake of each—to ensure both comfort and style, and are knit on a 3.5 mm needle.

To support your knitting journey, The Nook offers technique tutorials for selected methods. And for those ready to dive into these slippers, yarn kits are exclusively available at SUFibers, a small but highly welcoming yarn shop in the US, driven by one of the wonderful knitters in Anne's Norwegian Knitting universe.If you're outside of the US, look up Supersoft from Holst and you'll find a store that can ship you your wonderful colors. 

This knitting pattern—and the community you'll find in The Nook and Knit Bliss—connects you to the age-old tradition of slipper-making, inviting you not only to create but also to partake in a history that spans centuries and continents.

Join us in weaving your thread into the fabric of this timeless narrative, crafting slippers that warm the feet and the heart.

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