It´s time to launch my English blog!

mitten bonanza Feb 19, 2021

How to sort out a Norwegian and an English blog in the same blog? I have tried to sort that out for quite some time, and have ended up with making two. At the moment that´s the only thing that makes sense. 

Welcome to my English knitting blog! 

This autumn, while we were all stuck at home I had this sudden craze for designing mittens. Yes I know, it is not quite what most people have crazes for, but the again, I am not most people. Who are really? 

Anyway, I ended up with 20+ new designs and I thought, ok, I will make a book. Then I got to work. And then my brain started to work on high gears and then I decided I want to make this into something more than a book. 

For those of you who don´t know me, I am Anne, I am 51 years old in my passport, but just above 40 in my head. I have been designing  knitting patterns for 7 years - in Norwegian. Before that I did a whole lot of translation and marketing in global companies for a couple of decades. 

I have for a long time wanted to take my knitting in to the world of the English speaking knitting world. But life has been in the way - until now. 

Earlier this winter I launched my mitten designs from this autumn in a digital "book" I called Mitten Bonanza 2021. And the plan was to launch in English over the summer. But I am known to turn around fairly quickly and after having amazing feedback on my designs and people coming back to me insisting that I launch in English. 

So, after an intense couple of weeks, I launched in English on February 14. I just love alle the love, the feedback and wonderful people that have joined since then. 

And now I want to invite you too! Wouldn't´you just love to join a wonderful knitting community with people from all over the world? We have people in the group living in all the way down under in Australia, scattered around Europe and a bunch in the different time zones in the US. I just think it is totally awesome that we can meet and get to know each other through our fantastic knitting hobby! 

Would you like to join? This is what you get: 

  • 12 mitten patterns - one each month - in beautiful traditional Norwegian design
  • New Pdf every month and a "book" comprising it all at the end of the year
  • Online portal with lots of inspiration and information and more than 25 tutorials
  • Introduction and video tutorials to continental and Norwegian knitting techniques - additional relevant history and techniques will be added through the year
  • 4 pattern bonuses by the end of 2021
  • A dedicated Facebook group with inspiring co-knitters from around the world
  • Access to designer and the possibility to feedback on questions and queries
  • App with direct access to online portal
  • All communication in English 

What are you waiting for? ;) Klikk here to read more or send me an email and I will get back to you! 

Have a knitting good day! 



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