There is one question I get all the time

colors design Apr 11, 2021

In fact, there are actually many questions I get all the time, but among one there are a few that pops up even more often than others and one of those are: Are you ok with me making a little twist on your pattern when I knit it?

The answer is of course YES!

We have different knitting techniques, some master one and others another. If you think your knitting is prettiest without a ribbed edge, but would rather make a picot edge, well, then I think you should do it.

If you want a high neck instead of a round neck? You know, then I think you should do that too.

Do you want to knit the diagrams all the way down, or maybe a a little less of the color work as instructed in the pattern? You may start to see the pattern (pun intended), but YES, then I think you should make the adjustment that suits you.

I'm such a person who does not fit into a square box, and those of you who have known me as a knitting designer for a while know that from time to time I make descriptions with options in the patterns. There are really two reasons for this. Firstly because I tend to see other options that can be cool when I make patterns and I just cannot not share those with you. Secondly, I know that those ideas may be worth sharing, because it is a fact, we are not equal and we have different desires and favorites - whether it concerns ribs, necks, lengths or the amount of color work.

What is important to me is that I can inspire you to knit with my designs and patterns. If you knit the pattern from A to Z, I love it, that's what the recipes are meant for, but if you want to make your own «twist», then I love it just as much.

As long as you let yourself be inspired by me - well then I'm super happy ❤

Have a great knitting day!

Knitting hug from Anne M

PS! The sweaters on the pic are all knitted versions of my Domino Sweater - 1 pattern, but with description to 4 variants  

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