17 May is a day for celebration

May 15, 2021

May 17 is the day we celebrate our independence. We have done that since 1814, men a group of influential men met and decided to break free from  the Swedes ;) Throughout history Norway, Sweden and Denmark have different periods when we all have been independent, two of us have been together and sometimes all three. But in 1814 Norway declared its independence and even though it took until 1905 before Norway and Sweden finally parted and we got our own king, we have celebrated May 17 since 1814 and the day has always been about a day for the children, celebrating that they live in a free nation. This is the short story of our modern independence story, just as you know ... the details omitted are many.

Anyway, on this day we dress up in national costumes - what we call Bunad, dresses representing different regions in Norway - and all the children walk the streets singing songs and waving flags while all the adults stand along the route cheering! 

There is not much knitting on our female costumes, but on the men's customers on the other hand ... and not to forget to the smallest of us.

The men's costumes very often means short trousers and long socks. The socks you on the pic can either be bought ready made or you can knit them yourself. 

The pic shows my brother in law - in his bunad sewn and socks knitted by my mom - and my nephew in a wheel chair and the rest of us watching the parade <3 

Also the kids are often dressed up in our national costumes. These are however, often knitted rather than sewn for the smaller ones . If you want to see more example of knitted 17 May costumes click the pic below and you will see all the patterns available from Rauma garn.

Happy 17 of May! 


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