My favourite yarns - part 2

knitbliss2024 yarn Jan 26, 2024

Welcome back to the second instalment of my yarn exploration!

Last week, we dug into the delightful world of Sølje and Vilje yarns from Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk. We uncovered the charm of natural grey “pelsull” and how Hillesvåg masterfully creates a heathered color range from this wool, complemented by a pristine lambswool yarn, laying the foundation for the lighter, contrasting shades intrinsic to traditional Norwegian knitting.

Sølje (pelsull) and Vilje (lambswool) represent the finest yarns in their collection, with a gauge of approximately 25 stitches per 10 cm / 4 in using a needle size of 3.0 mm / US 2.5. These yarns are a testament to the subtlety and precision in Norwegian knitting.

But the story doesn’t end there. Hillesvåg offers more dynamic duos:
  • Tinde (pelsull) and Sol (lambswool): These yarns boast a gauge of about 22 stitches per 10 cm / 4 in on needle sizes between 3.5-4 mm. They offer a slightly heavier feel, perfect for those who like a bit more weight to their knitting.

  • Varde (pelsull) and Vidde (lambswool): With a gauge of approximately 18 stitches per 10 cm / 4 in on needle sizes 4.5-5.0 mm, these yarns are ideal for those who prefer a robust, yet manageable thickness.

  • Blåne (pelsull) and Troll (lambswool): These are the chunkiest of the bunch, offering a gauge of about 14 stitches per 10 cm / 4 in on a 6.0 mm needle. They are perfect for cozy, quick projects.

In other words, there's something for every preference and project!


Another fascinating aspect of Hillesvåg's yarns is their unified color scheme.

All the pelsull and lambswool yarns share the same color palette and codes, creating an astonishing range of vibrant, beautiful hues. This consistency allows for seamless color matching and endless creativity.

Exciting news for Knit Bliss 2024 enthusiasts:

this coming week, we'll be releasing the February pattern, and yes, it's crafted with Hillesvåg yarns! The design is a stylish, baggy hat knitted with Tinde and Sol, featuring a double brim for those extra chilly days. For those preferring a lighter version, the pattern also includes modifications for using the thinner Sølje and Vilje yarns.

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Eager for more favorite yarns? Keep your needles ready - Part 3 is coming your way next week!


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