The Unspoken Fears of Stranded Knitting

kinttingisajourney Oct 31, 2023

Let’s Unravel Them Together

Do you ever look at a piece of intricate stranded knitting and think, "Wow, that's beautiful but way out of my league"? You're not alone. Today, I want to delve into the unspoken fears that many people have when it comes to tackling stranded knitting.

"It Looks Like Rocket Science"

Many people look at a stunning piece of stranded knitting and their first thought is, "Wow, that must require a PhD in Yarnology!" While it's easy to get intimidated by the intricate patterns and the beautiful blending of colors, here's the reassuring truth: it's really all about one stitch at a time.

The other day, one of the wonderful members of Anne's Norwegian Knitting community shared an insight that lit me up. She said, "You know, Anne, you look at the Eternity Shawl and it appears to be a piece of art I could never recreate. But it's really not that difficult. It's just a matter of having the right support and taking it one stitch at a time."

She's absolutely right. If you can knit and purl, you're already well on your way. Stranded knitting is not some mysterious science; it's an art form that has been passed down through generations. This is particularly true within our rich Norwegian culture. Just like any other art, stranded knitting welcomes all skill levels. Take baby steps, practice a swatch or two, and you'll discover that the complexity is simply a fun puzzle to solve, one stitch at a time.

In Anne's Norwegian Knitting, this is one of our main focuses: ONE STITCH AT A TIME. Always!

Mistakes are Hard to Fix: "What If I Mess Up?"

The fear of making a mistake is something all knitters can relate to. That little voice saying, "What if you mess up and can't fix it?" is universal. However, the reality is that mistakes are your secret allies, not just in knitting but in life itself.

Mistakes in stranded knitting are not setbacks; they are stepping stones. They propel you from being a novice to becoming proficient. Forget a color change? Mix up a pattern? It's okay! Most errors are fixable and even those that aren't provide valuable lessons. Mistakes help you grow both as a knitter and as a person. So take a deep breath, embrace the hiccup, and continue knitting. You might just find it liberating to give yourself permission to learn from mistakes.

Time Commitment: "It Seems Like a Huge Time Sink"

At first glance, it may seem daunting to commit to a large project like a sweater. And yes, stranded knitting projects do require more time than simpler patterns. But consider what you're gaining: each stitch is a step towards mastering a new skill, a moment of mindfulness, and perhaps a contribution to an heirloom piece that someone will cherish decades from now.

The hours you invest come back to you in the form of skill development, creative satisfaction, and the sheer joy of crafting something uniquely yours.

Stranded knitting is not an exclusive club; it's a welcoming craft deeply rooted in history and open to anyone eager to learn. The next time you look at a piece of stranded knitting and hesitate, remember: the complexity is manageable, mistakes are just stepping stones, and the time you invest is a gift to yourself.

Warm stitches from, 

Anne, xx





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