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community courses great experience kinttingisajourney Apr 23, 2023

You might have heard it. Me talking about the Great Experience. And you might have thought, “What is this Great Experience”? 

Let me tell you. The Great Experience is the short form of The Great Norwegian Knitting Magic Experience.It is a mouthful, I know, so when we talk about it in everyday speech we talk about the Great Experience. 

Before I tell you more about what it is, let me wind back a bit and tell you why it came about. 

Anne’s Norwegian Knitting Magic

For a couple of years now, Anne’s Norwegian Knitting Magic world has grown from being very small with a few followers to what it is today with many more followers. And from the very beginning there have been some wonderful knitters who have knit along with me on virtually every project that has been put out there. 


As time has passed this group of wonderful Norwegian Knitting Magic fans have grown slowly, but steadily. And they have been asking for community. Community that goes beyond the events and courses. As community is one of the fundamental pillars in Anne’s Norwegian knitting, this had to be explored a bit. What could be created and offered to meet this wish?

Blooming creativity

The idea was to make something that people would commit to, something that made the knitting magic flourish and creativity bloom - in a global community with amazing knitters who all love the Norwegian knitting traditions, colors and patterns. 

After some research and testing, what came up was the Great Norwegian Knitting Magic Experience - a one year programme which includes everything - and then I mean EVERYTHING! Every single pattern, course and event that is offered in my world during a 12 month period - every magical stitch is covered in the Great Experience.  

🧶 We meet once a month in a dedicated knitting huddle - just for the Experiencers. 
🧶 We chat in the community
🧶 We meet during the courses - Norwegian Knitting Magic Courses - there are four of them level 0, 1, 2 and 3. 
🧶 We cheer on eachother
🧶AND we become friends … knitting friends located around the world. 

This week we are starting the Level 1 course and in June the Eternity Shawl Experience is let loose again. Obviously these two are part of the Great Experience. 

Is it your time?

Is this the time for you to join the Great Norwegian Knitting Magic Experience? Are you ready for a year filled with knitting and magic? Close your eyes, pretend your needles are magic wands and see all the magical garments you're going to knit in the 12 coming months.  Are you ready?. 

The Great Experiencers are an absolutely fabulous group of people and they are ready - waiting for you to join them on this fabulous journey.  

To join this fabulous group of knitters you have to have a chat with me first, if you are ready, let’s connect. Click here to book a time to have a talk this coming week - I am looking forward to meeting you! 

Knitting love from, 

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