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Aug 26, 2023

Reflections on a Month of Norwegian Knitting

Norwegian Wool Month draws to a close, after 3 weeks immersed in the realm of Norwegian wool, sheep, and the intricate tapestry of knitting history. The resonance and engagement we've witnessed have been extraordinary. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm.

Selbu Spinneri

Our journey embarked with a seminar led by Marte from Selbu Spinneri, a voyage into locally crafted wool. Delving into the significance of their meticulous production, Marte illuminated how work like this weave sustainability into various facets of life.

Following this, a live Q&A session with Anne unfolded the very next day, where insights bloomed and a treasure trove of knitting prowess was shared. As an added bonus, participants were given a chart for knitting numbers into their garments as a statement for the future.

History of Selbu knitting

In the following week, we welcomed Tone Loeng, a knowledgeable presence who took us on a journey through the history of Selbu knitting. We explored the fascinating story of the iconic rose motif, tracing its origins from distant Eastern lands to its eventual presence near the Arctic Circle—an inspiring narrative that connected cultures and sparked our imaginations. Anne, our trusted guide, then led a tour of the Selbu Museum, unveiling its rich tapestries of time. A special highlight awaited our participants: a delicate pattern for crafting a petite pin cushion or delicately scented with lavender—a heartfelt token of care and perfect gift to a friend.

As the month draws to a close, we were fortunate to have Ingvild from Hillesvåg Yarn lead us through the intricate pathways of their factory. From the tender touch of raw fleece to the splendor of spun threads, each step held a revelation of skilled craftsmanship.

This month has been a wonderful interweaving of fibers, dreams, and the rhythmic dance of knitting needles. If you missed any of this, you will find all the replays in the Facebook group until September 1st 2023

Want more?

And in all this, an eagerness for more arises: more knowledge, more connections, more knitting. For those seeking a deeper immersion, we introduce The Great Norwegian Knitting Magic Experience—a year-long journey and haven of shared moments. Within this space, a close-knit community of dedicated knitters embarks on a journey for growth, both as crafters and individuals. Through lively exchanges and real-time connections, we cultivate both beautiful garments and enduring friendships—perhaps even lifelong bonds nurtured through the threads of yarn and the melody of laughter.

A 12-month expedition

If your heart resonates with the call for more, a world of possibilities beckons. The path to The Great Norwegian Knitting Magic Experience opens a 12-month expedition to enrich your craft and nourish your spirit. To discover more, to evolve further, take the first step by scheduling a personal conversation with Anne in the upcoming week. CLICK HERE to book a call with Anne. Set foot upon this tapestry, and allow it to shape your knitting journey, one stitch at a time. 

Woolly knitting vibes from, 

Anne, xx 




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