Why wool is my ultimate choice for knitting

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Hello, knitting enthusiasts!

As we prepare to embark on Norwegian Wool Month, which is all about Norwegian wool and knitting, I wanted to share with you why wool is my ultimate choice when it comes to knitting, particularly for this traditional technique. Wool is a treasure trove of advantages, setting it apart from other fibers in both the natural and synthetic categories. Let's explore these reasons and understand why wool and Norwegian stranded knitting are a match made in knitting heaven.

Yarn Integrity and Durability:

Wool boasts unparalleled strength, ensuring your projects remain durable and stand the test of time. When engaging in stranded knitting, where floats run behind the colorwork, wool's resilience reduces the risk of snagging and pilling, and it also has a natural tendency to felt which makes the risk of snagging even smaller. Together all this makes sure you are preserving the integrity of your intricate and beautiful designs for years and decades to come. Just look at the pic on top of this blog. These mittens are what we in my family call our small knitting jewels, all knit in the period between 1943-1970 and used by members of my family back then - and they are looking as beautiful as ever.

Natural Elasticity for a Perfect Fit:

The elasticity of wool lends a unique advantage to stranded knitting, especially when creating garments like mittens, hats, or sweaters. Wool stretches with ease, making it comfortable to wear - and it find its perfect fit that conforms to your body's contours.

Moisture Management:

As knitters, we appreciate how wool wicks away moisture, keeping you warm and dry even in damp conditions. Norwegian stranded knitting often produces thick, double-layered fabrics, and wool's moisture-regulating properties maintain comfort during harsh weather.

Lightweight Comfort:

Despite its ability to provide exceptional warmth, wool is surprisingly lightweight. It is ideal for everyday wear and allows you to create garments with intricate colorwork without feeling weighed down. Some of you are in the middle of your Eternity Shawl, and as it grows you will never experience it as heavy. Long, yes. Heavy, no!

Versatility in Spinning and Blending:

For the more adventurous crafters, wool's versatility extends to its various breeds and fiber blends. Whether you prefer single-breed yarns or enjoy blending different fibers, wool's adaptability opens up endless creative possibilities. Make sure you join our first seminar in Norwegian Wool Month. This seminar is all about wool fibers and how Selbu Spinneri (yarn mill) utilizes all the different fibers from the huge variety of sheep breeds you find in Norway.

As we delve into the world of Norwegian wool during our Norwegian Wool Month, let's celebrate the invaluable qualities of wool that make it the ultimate choice for this remarkable craft. Embrace the wonders of wool, and let your creativity bloom in the realm of Norwegian stranded knitting!

Knitting love from,
Anne, xx




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