Egg cosies and Norwegian Easter

Apr 02, 2023

Easter in Norway is more than in most countries. A typical Norwegian Easter is a time for celebrating the arrival of spring and spending time with family and friends. Many Norwegians take time off work (Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are public holidays) and school is closed the entire week before Easter day. 

There are some things that are considered to be typical Norwegian Easter traditions:

Easter Mountains (Påskefjellet) 

Many Norwegians travel to the mountains to ski, hike, or enjoy other outdoor activities during Easter. The mountain cabins or "hytter" are a popular destination, where families and friends gather for skiing and socializing.

Easter Crime (Påskekrim) 

Norwegian television broadcasts crime dramas during the Easter holiday, and many people enjoy reading mystery novels during this time.

Easter eggs (Påskeegg)

Eggs are an important part of Norwegian Easter traditions. Decorating, hiding, and hunting for eggs is a common activity for both children and adults - and we eat A LOT of eggs during easter. 

Boiled egg for breakfast and lunch is very "Eastery". And boiled eggs need egg cosies. While egg cosies may not be a necessity in modern kitchens, they add a charming touch to breakfast or brunch and can make a delightful addition to a table setting or Easter basket.

In Norway, egg cosies are commonly made from wool or other warm materials and are often decorated with traditional Norwegian designs or motifs.

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