A Glimpse into Anne’s Norwegian Knitting World

Sep 07, 2023


This past August, we celebrated Norwegian Wool Month at Anne’s Norwegian Knitting, and the response was heartwarming. Many of you did probably come across offerings like the Nook, the Great Experience, and Level 3. While some dived straight into the Nook, others elevated their knitting adventure with the Great Experience. But what are these offerings? And with mention of a Level 3, surely there are Level 2 and Level 1 courses too? You guessed it right!

Anne's Norwegian Knitting presents a series of resources catering to knitters of all competencies, age groups, nationalities, and resources. Let's delve into the heart of Anne’s Knitting Universe and the different stuff you can join.

Free Offerings:

  1. Anne’s Norwegian Knitting Facebook group
  2. The Knit Bit: A glimpse into the rich world of Anne’s Norwegian Knitting Course and Membership Portal.
  3. Exclusive events: Norwegian Wool Month, The Perfect Fit (scheduled for November/December), The Color Party/Workshop, and the NICE challenge - now available for self-paced learning with lifetime access.

Paid Courses Include:

Power of Knitting (Level 0): Originally a live course consisting of four modules, soon to be a self-study course. Perfect for beginners or those transitioning from English to Continental knitting, focusing on single-color projects.

Norwegian Knitting Magic Course - Level 1: Dive deeper into two-color knitting. Master continental techniques to craft a hat, mittens, and cowl using the exquisite Mountain Rose pattern.

Norwegian Knitting Magic Course - Level 2: Anne's flagship 8-week course. Knit a custom-fit top-down sweater or cardigan. Enjoy personal sessions with Anne and learn valuable skills such as garment washing, fitting your garment and steeking.

Norwegian Knitting Magic Course - Level 3: A 12-week journey to knit the stunning Flower Meadow cardigan. Emphasizing colorwork, fitting, steeking, and dedicated time with Anne. This course is exclusively part of the Great Norwegian Knitting Magic Experience.

Unraveling the Nook and The Great Experience

The Nook (Anne’s Norwegian Knitting Nook) isn't just a membership - it's a thriving global community. At its heart, it's a space for knitting enthusiasts worldwide to connect, share their work, celebrate the joy of knitting, and more. Along with the camaraderie, members enjoy live knitting sessions, unique patterns, knitting tips, and tutorials.

The Great Experience elevates everything offered in the Nook and adds more value. This 12-month immersive program provides all resources and products Anne has to offer. Given its intimate nature, seats are limited. Interested in joining? New sign-ups commence in November. Secure a spot on the waitlist to ensure your 1:1 informational session with Anne HERE.

The world of Anne’s Norwegian Knitting is vast and vibrant, filled with opportunities to learn, share, and grow. Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps or a seasoned knitter looking for a tight-knit community, there's something here for everyone. Dive in, explore, and let your knitting journey be as beautiful and intricate as the patterns you create. Happy Knitting!

Knitting vibes from,

Anne, xx


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