Just google it!

Jun 29, 2022

From time to time the sentence "Just google it" shows up in my feed.

And let's be fair, you can probably google most things in life ... and find the answer for free! Whether it is a question of becoming a car mechanic, becoming a pro photographer, earning your first million, booking a hotel - or learning to knit. There are a million good tips for any subject out there - and just as many rabbit holes to jump down. 

So why should you then pay for stuff at all when you can find virtually anything on the web without paying - I once heard about a person downloading a whole dissertation for a degree and getting away with it? 

There are a few things that you don't get when you rumble around in the big world wide web -  first of all, you don't get a map to tell you where to go, a map to tell you what rabbit holes not to jump down.

You probably know it already, YouTube is the biggest treasure chest - or rabbit hole - of them all.



You see, time is the biggest pitfall of the wonderful internet. It really takes time!  Time to

  • find the online resources you are looking for.
  • vet the resources to make sure they are credible.
  • piece the resources together into a structure that will actually make you learn.
  • find a community of learners that will help answer your questions or even a person that has one aim above all: to be able to answer YOUR question. Because, if you really want to learn, you will have questions!

Just imagine all the knitting you could have done while you were searching around on the net ;) 



Another thing is that all this information is often "overwhelmingly” overwhelming. Have you ever searched for information on a particular subject - and the search results in google show 4.2.M answers?  Try searching for "continental knitting" in Google - you get this "About 4,230,000 results (0.51 seconds)". Where to begin? :) 



Searching on the net you will have to look long to find a community of learners that are in exactly the same boat as you. It’s not easy to find that person that has one aim above all to answer YOUR question. 

Because, as I said above, if you really want to learn, you will have questions! 

Questions that will not be answered in the information you have found. So what do you do then? 

Yes, you have guessed it! You head back to the search engines ... again :) 

So why should you invest money in stuff that you technically can find on the internet? 

Because you want to avoid all the above, but most of all because you want results. 

Either in the form of learning more about knitting, meeting new people, being part of a community or just because you are adventurous! 

Having said all this, let's continue to google - just make sure you google the right things! ;)

Are you still reading? ♥️

Just one more thing before I close it off for today, I am of the firm belief that you get out of any course or training what you put into it. So if you ever want to invest in anything online, remember you have to commit and do the knitting ;) 

 Knitting love from Anne

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