Knitting is a journey - a journey of experiences!

design knitting Jun 25, 2022

If you have been with me for a while, you have probably heard it before. Not once, most likely several times as this is one of my mantras - knitting is a journey, a life long journey! A journey where you never stop learning, there will ALWAYS be something new crossing your knitting path. Whether you want to pick it up or not, is entirely up to you, but you do have the option to do so. 

It is holiday time in Norway right now. The schools are just out for the summer and the coming 8 weeks are the weeks when most people go off on summer vacation for a couple of weeks or more. It is the time to make journeys and experiences that will create memories of good times that will take you through the long dark and cold winter months. 

Many of us love the autumn and winter, but it is hard to deny the fact that those months do take its toll on the vitamin D surplus and the headspace we are in. Too much cold together with too much dark is challenging in the long run. 

That's when creating experiences become important - in our case, knitting experiences! 

You see, just as much as the knitting is a journey, it is an experience. At least in my world. That is the focus over here, how can we make this into an experience, not just another pattern?  

What is an experience, really? If you look it up you will get a couple of definitions. This is what we are talking about today: 

Experience (noun): an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone.

Which leaves an impression on someone! That is the goal in Anne's Norwegian knitting world - to leave an impression on YOU. So that you feel that you are a part of something, not just buying a pattern. So that you an create joyful memories that will stay with you, and help you to get through the dark and cold times. So that you can learn something new, whether it is "knitting new" or just "something else" that is new. So that your knitting journey gives you even more joy, pleasure, feeling of mastering ...  and living. THAT is what Anne's Norwegian knitting is all about - every single day (at least when I don't have covid 😎😅) - aimin at creating an experience to remember for YOU, no matter what knitting level you're on! 

And since we are touching on knitting levels, where on the scale are you? Absolute beginner, beginner, experienced or advanced? Does it matter what level you are on when you pop in at Anne's Norwegian knitting? Can you be a little of several of those categories? How do you know what you are? Stay tuned, next week's blog will be focusing on all that. 

Until then, have a fantastic knitting weekend, make sure you create some magic and look out for the Mid Summer Experience which is coming soon. 

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