Let's talk about steeking

beginner knitting kinttingisajourney steeking Sep 01, 2023


Steeking is a term that initially strikes fear into the hearts of many knitters—until they take the plunge, try it out a few times, and discover it's not as daunting as it first seemed.

If you're new to the world of knitting, "steeking" might be new to you. Essentially, it's the technique of cutting into your knitted fabric to create an opening, typically used when making a cardigan. It might appear counterintuitive to spend time crafting something beautiful only to take scissors to it, but I assure you, when done correctly, the results can be incredibly satisfying!

In my knitting courses and programs, we delve deep into the art of steeking. Today, however, I'd like to share some valuable insights and tips to ease your apprehension around this seemingly "scary" endeavor.


Knitting vibes from.

Anne, xx


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