My favourite yarns - part 1

great experience knitbliss2024 yarn Jan 22, 2024

As a passionate advocate for wool, particularly the exquisite Norwegian wool, I find myself consistently drawn to yarns produced right here in Norway. Our local wool, harvested sustainably from Norwegian sheep, holds a special place in my heart.

Today, I'd like to share my current woolly obsession: the yarns from Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk. This storied Norwegian yarn manufacturer has been crafting quality yarns since the 19th century, and their expertise shines in every skein.

I have a preference for finer yarns, and right now, I'm utterly smitten with two specific types: Vilje and Sølje. These yarns are not just complementary; they're interchangeable, offering endless possibilities for creativity.

Sølje, is a "Pelsull-yarn," is a naturally grey wool, spun from the fibers of the Norwegian Pelssau, a unique breed born from the union of Gotland sheep and the Norwegian Short Tail (spælsau) sheep. When dyed, this natural grey (shade 2115 in its undyed form) transforms into a breathtaking array of heathered hues.

Originally, as Sølje was naturally grey, it lacked the lighter shades achievable with white fleece. However, Norwegian knitters, known for their love of strong color contrasts, voiced their desire for these lighter tones. Responding to this need, Hillesvåg introduced Vilje, a yarn crafted from white wool, perfectly complementing Sølje. Now, we have two harmonious yarns that beautifully interplay in our knitting projects.

I've been enthusiastically incorporating these yarns into my recent designs. The January pattern for Knit Bliss 2024 and the upcoming March pattern both feature these yarns, as does the Level 3 cardigan from the Great Experience collection.

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And there's more to come! Next week, I'll delve into the yarn chosen for the Knit Bliss 2024 February pattern, another gem from Hillesvåg. So, keep your needles ready and stay tuned for more woolly wonders. 

Until next week, knit on! 




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