Norway, Scandinavia, Nordic or FairIsle

Apr 18, 2021

Ok, folks! I am constantly being asked about the differences between the terminology and knitting from the different countries in our northern corner of the world. So let's get this straight :) 

Let´s do the geography today and then knitting part next week. 

The Nordics are: Iceland (orange), Norway (green), Sweden  (yellow), Finland (purple), Faeroe Islands, Denmark (pink) and Greenland 

Scandinavia: comprises the countries Norway, Denmark and Sweden

The region has been closely connected for hundred of years and share many commonalities with regards to languages (apart from Finland, who has a language belonging to a very different language group). 

Next week I will get back to the Estonian knitting and the Fair Isle and just to let you know, Fair Ilse is a small island belonging to the Shetlands off the Scottish coast. 

And Estonia is fairly close the Nordic countries and are quite tied to the region, but by definition not a part of the Nordics. 

So now you got the geography ... next week there is the knitting :D






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