Norwegian, Nordic, Scandinavian or maybe Fair Isle?

Mar 18, 2023

Ok, folks! This week is all about Fair Isle vs Norwegian Knitting and later this week (22nd of Match 2023) you are invited to a seminar to sort out all the differences. If you have not signed up already, you can sign up HERE 

Today your're getting a very short geography introduction and then knitting part during the online seminar later this week. Why the geography, mostly because there is some confusions about all these terms - Norwegian, Nordic, Scandinavian, Faeroe Islands, Fair Isle, Latvian, Estonian. What is the difference?

All the places are situated up her in our small corner of the world and here you have the different regions. 

The Nordics are: Iceland (orange), Norway (green), Sweden  (yellow), Finland (purple), Faeroe Islands, Denmark (pink) and Greenland 

Scandinavia: comprises the countries Norway, Denmark and Sweden

The region has been closely connected for hundred of years and share many commonalities with regards to languages (apart from Finland, who has a language belonging to a very different language group). 

And Latvia and Estonia are fairly close the Nordic countries and are quite tied to the region, but by definition not a part of the Nordics. 

Faeroe Islands are not Fair Isle. Faeroe Islands are a separate group of islands between Iceland and Scotland, while Fair Isle is one of the islands in the group of Islands north of Scotland called The Shetland Isles. 

So now you got the geography ... let's dig into the knitting on Wednesday :D

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