The most wonderful time of the year ... 🎵🎶

Oct 28, 2022

We are approaching that time of the year again, you know the "most wonderful time of the year" ... 🎵🎶

For 10 years I have made and knitting and activity calendar for my Norwegian followers. Last year I made one for you English speaking people as well. Well, the thing is I made a whole lot more last year. In fact, it ended up as The Norwegian Christmas Story - a crafting and knitting story in 3 Chapters :) 

In my family we grew up being creative, cooking, making Christmas gifts and ornaments. We had "cooking and crafting workshops" at the huge kitchen table in November and December. Outside it was dark and cold and inside it was warm and creative. Now I am an adult and is still prepping for Christmas with creativity and knitting. It gives me an inner calm and peace to just dive into these projects and spending hours absorbed in the world of creativity. 

With this Christmas Story I want to bring you into my world of creativeness, to give you a taste of and the possibility to get lost in your crafting and celebrate the Holidays at the same time. All the projects are either small or fairly small ;) And the best thing is, that you tend to get hooked when you first start. 

So what are these Chapters all about? 

Chapter one is all about Nikolas and Nikoline. Two knitted dolls that easily end up as heirloom ornaments welcoming your visitors at the door during the Holidays or watching over you from the mantlepiece. 


Chapter 2 is an Advent/Christmas Calendar - one project each day fro 1st to 24th December. n this calendar have used easy techniques and natural materials (apart from the polystyrene balls and except for just a few ”doors” all deal with wool. There are knitting, felting and some non-knitted items, som traditional recipes and some other inspirational stuff. Some are of the projects are for all ages, others are perfect gifts, others again are perfect to eat, and others are ... you know, you will find out.


And in Chapter 3 you get 4 bigger projects - one for each Sunday in Advent. 

If you want to know more about the Christmas Story, you can CHECK OUT THIS PAGE HERE and wait for an email coming your way on Sunday :) 

Let's make home made Christmas decor and presents together this year ... 

Knitting love from Anne 


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