To Knit or not to Knit

beginner knitting courses kinttingisajourney level 1 power of knitting Feb 18, 2023

Last week I wrote a blog post for Breathe.Knit.Live. and called the post To Knit or not to Knit. Today's blog here in Anne's Norwegian Knitting has the same title To Knit or not to Knit - that is the question!  

When I first started out building my knitting world I had TWO things in mind that took precedence over everything else

  • I wanted people to enjoy the knitting journey I offered them, and 
  • I wanted everyone who wanted to try out knitting to be able to do just that, try and enjoy the journey. Without feeling lost and being pulled down by not mastering

The thing is that knitting is like everything else, you have to start somewhere. And normally that "somewhere" is at the bottom of the ladder. Even the most accomplished knitters, knitters who have knit for decades and can show off the most beautiful lace knitting, or cables that are twirling in all directions over and under and over again, or intricate colorwork with beautiful colors knit together in amazing motifs, have been beginners at one point. EVERY SINGLE ONE! 

In Anne's Norwegian Knitting you will see that there are events and courses for everyone - no matter what is your skill level. And this spring the courses are focusing on the beginner knitters and the beginner colorwork knitters. 

Power of knitting and Norwegian Knitting Magic Level 1

There are two courses coming up, the Power of knitting and Norwegian Knitting Magic Level 1.  All my courses are done in the Norwegian knitting tradition, which means that they are done the continental way. And The Power of knitting is focusing on just that, it is a knitting course focusing on the beginner of Continental knitting or for those who consider themselves as absolute beginner knitters, those who just want to knit, but is a bit overwhelmed by the internet, those who see the benefit of being in a community and learning in a systemized way.  

Someone to lean on

All the deep dive courses are live courses, where we meet once a week and you can ask questions and be guided on your journey. So also with the these two courses. They are built up in such a way that you shall not feel alone, there is always someone to ask and someone to lean on - you're not alone on this journey! 

So when the question is, To Knit or not to Knit, the answer should always be ... to KNIT.

If you want to know more about the Power of knitting and/or Norwegian Knitting Magic Level 1, stick around more info is just around the corner or hit the comment field below and let me know what you are thinking :) 

Knitting vibes from Anne






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