To Steek or not to Steek

May 07, 2023

Steeking has been the hot subject here in Anne's Norwegian knitting for a few days. Why? Because of the Eternity Shawl ... it's knit in the round you see, and steeked when you are done knitting.

What is this steeking we keep talking about? 

It is a technique used in knitting to create openings in a knitted piece that is knit in the round, such as a sweater or cardigan ... or a shawl knit in the round. First you reinforce along the edge where you want to cut (to avoid unraveling) and then get into action with your scissors. And no, it's not as scary as it sounds. If you've done the reinforcing you're going to do just fine!

Let me show you three ways to reinforce

By machine: if you have a sewing machine you just sew along the edges and get cracking

By crocheting: you crochet along the edges with thin yarn and when you both sides are done you do the cutting.

Sewing by hand: I tend to use this on smaller pieces 


The steeking technique has been used for many many years in traditional Norwegian/Scandinavian knitting and in the Eternity Shawl Experience you get a thorough introduction to the three reinforcing techniques above so that you can cut your beautiful shawl and do the final finishing with ease and a smile

Want to join the Eternity Shawl Experience? Check out all the details here


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