Why mindful knitting?

Jan 29, 2023

Once a year you are invited to the mindful knitting challenge NICE.

N is for Norwegian,

I is for Intentional,

C is for Calming and

E for Empowering.

So, why is she doing this, it has nothing to do with her colorwork knitting, you might think?
Well, it has EVERYTHING to do with my colorwork knitting.

First of all. One of my biggest motivations for knitting is the peace, the calm, the self-love, the destress, the escape from the chaotic everyday life, the mastering, the room for escaping into creativity that the knitting gives.

A mindful event like this targets just that! And why we leave the colorwork behind for a week is just to be able to focus on our inner self a bit more and practice the techniques of mindfulness without the colorwork intricacies without being disturbed.

Secondly, the mindful knitting is not only the perfect way to be introduced to the continental knitting techniques, but also to knitting in general. The Nice Knitting Challenge is designed in such a way that you will benefit from this whether you are an absolute beginner, experienced or anything in between.
It's all about love to knitting ... and yourself.

It is free, however you can, if you want to, upgrade to the VIP Experience which gives you forever access and includes live Q&As and some extra stuff. Whichever option you chose, you don't want to miss this ❤ Click here to sign up for free 

Knitting love from Anne


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