From Spring Greens to Autumn Hues

colors eternity shawl May 14, 2024

Earlier this month, I introduced two captivating color combinations for the Eternity Shawl—Autumn and Spring (Warm Greens)—and I invited your feedback on which one I should knit up as a test next. The decision remains finely balanced, with your votes still hovering around a 50/50 split, thus not reaching the needed 2/3 majority.

Following my instincts

Faced with this tie, I made an educated decision to start with the greens. My choice was partly influenced by a photo from a fellow Eternity Shawl knitter showcasing the Autumn colors. However, the decisive factor was the undeniable feel of spring in the air, which made the Spring combination irresistibly appealing, even in my dreams. I'm thrilled to report that they have turned out absolutely stunning.

Why do colors go together? 

You might wonder why these particular colors work so well together. While it's not exactly rocket science, there is a blend of art and science involved in choosing successful color combinations. This interplay of knowledge and instinct is what many knitting designers, including myself, rely on when presenting these choices to you.

When knitting my first model of a design, I typically rely on my instincts. However, when I create new combinations based on your preferences, I delve into the 'science' of color selection. This is something you can learn more about in the Eternity Shawl color selection module, where I guide you through crafting your own successful color combinations.

What if you feel you lack these color instincts?

The good news is that such skills can be developed! By acquiring color knowledge and utilizing the right tools, you can enhance your ability to create harmonious color combinations. If you’re eager to develop these skills, consider joining our free workshop starting May 22nd, 2024. This workshop is an excellent opportunity to deepen your understanding of colors, refresh your skills, and perhaps discover a few new tips. Join us for a practical approach to selecting colors for your colorwork knitting by clicking here.

For those curious about the specific shades used in the Eternity Shawl's Spring and Autumn combinations, here they are. Please note, some color names may vary between yarn brands like Holst and Knoll, but rest assured, our yarn shop partners are well-versed in these differences.


  • Pineapple / Buttermilk
  • Sunrise
  • Ember
  • Bokhara
  • Almond
  • Oatmeal
  • Tobacco


  • Willow
  • Calypso
  • Dark Apple
  •  Dark Olive
  • Almond
  • Silver Grey
  • Slate Grey


And one more thing, just so you know, Everyone who joins the Eternity Shawl Experience get the Color Workshop Upgrade included in the Experience. You can read more about the Eternity Shawl Experience HERE

Happy knitting! 

Anne, xx


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