How much are you worth?

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This is a very sensitive question and people react very differently every time I ask that question. And I do understand why, I really do. We all have different reference points when it comes to this, and especially as we tend to refer it to money. With money it varies a lot from person to person what is considered to be much or not - what is much to you, might not be much to me or the other way around. And on top of that, what was much to you yesterday, might actually not be much today. 

Some of the knitters in Anne's Norwegian Knitting have joined the year long Great Norwegian Knitting Magic Experience, others decide to join a course or maybe the Nook, and right now, there are a lot of you who have decided to join the Eternity Shawl Experience. My point is that you are probably worth it all, everything you want and more. You might not be in a position where you can prioritize it right now, but you are still worth it

So, how much are you worth? 

Let's do a little calculation exercise. This can be done based on whatever you want, however as we are in Eternity mood these days, let's use The Eternity Shawl Experience which is 97 USD to join. In addition you (most likely) need to get the yarn which amounts to approx. 100 USD - give and take a little, depending on where you buy and how much you buy. So, to make it easy, let's say it will cost you 200 USD. That sum might be HUGE to some people, not so huge to others, and for some it might even be little. 

The Eternity shawl is meant to be a year long project

A year long project where you enjoy every stitch and knit a little every day. Then after a year you will have a wonderful piece of knitting, made with love in every stitch. If you divide 200 by 52 weeks, you get 3.9 USD a week. If you divide 3.9 USD by 7 days, you get 0.55714286 USD per day. All of a sudden the 200 USD seems to be not so much. 

I'm not saying that the total is not a lot to many, what I'm saying is that this concept of worth is relative and you most probably are worth 0.55 USD a day  ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿงถ

Knitting love from Anne


PS! If you decide to join the Eternity Shawl Experience, you have until midnight Wednesday 31st of May 2023. This is the last time it is offered outside of the Great Experience. So now is the time, CLICK HERE to join us ๐Ÿ–ค 

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