Coldplay & knitting

colors design makealong Jul 26, 2022

I am a HUGE Coldplay fan! HUGE fan! 

So what has that to do with knitting? At first glance, nothing. However when you look at bit closer there are a few things.

Thing is I am a fan of both - both knitting AND Coldplay! 

And one more thing. Earlier this month, Coldplay played in Paris, France and one of the concerts they streamed for FREE via internet - ENTIRE CONCERT. I downloaded the app and I watched it - and I LOVED it.

I have seen Coldplay live before - and then I mean live live as in actually being there in person - and I will totally see them in person live again. I'll save up - you see they never play in Norway, so I would have to fly or drive somewhere to see them, and that means I normally also need a hotel room and an air ticket. I don't have that kind of money lying around, but I'll know the opportunity will come around so I save up in my "savings jar" and when the timing is right I will buy the concert ticket and make arrangements to go. 

Why do I do that when I can watch it for free? 

Because NOTHING compares to sharing it with my friends and being able to talk about it later and NOTHING compares to the EXPERIENCE the whole adventure gives me. The ordering, the anticipation, the traveling, the concert and then the memories. It just is not comparable to watching it streaming on my phone. It is a bit like comparing apples and pears ...

So, again ... what does this have to do with knitting? 

Well it made me think last weekend. This is just like in our knitting world. You can enjoy all the free stuff out there, and there is A LOT, at some point you probably buy a pattern, or maybe a knitting book. Then eventually, after thinking about it for some time you might decide that it is about time to go to your "savings jar", you will take the plunge and buy in on a knitting event or course that you really really want, and have wanted for a long time. 

And you will find that this EXPERIENCE is something different to the free stuff. Do you the connection between the music and the knitting? Both the music and knitting worlds have free stuff and not free stuff of all kinds.

When you follow along on Anne's Norwegian knitting journey, you know there is both free and paid stuff being shared.

If you haven't joined the closed Facebook group Anne's Norwegian Knitting, found Varm design's YouTube channel or joined one of the free events from Anne's Norwegian Knitting yet, August is a perfect time to change that :) 

The Facebook group and the You Tube channel are always there, the free and paid events are time limited and in August there is something really fun coming ...  

... some free stuff ... and some paid stuff - all involving lots of colors - so make sure you stick around and you get the most out of whatever is right for you. 

Knitting vibes from Anne

PS! And if you read this after the Eternity Shawl is released, you can read more about it here:  

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