How the Eternity Shawl came to life

design eternity shawl kinttingisajourney Apr 29, 2023

Monday May 1st the Eternity Shawl Experience is opening again and you have asked me about how this particular model came to life.

So, let me take you on a journey.

In the summer of 2020 I hosted a Norwegian knitting event with the Festival cardigan and sweater - that is the model that is now in the Level 2 course. Then in early 2021 I asked my followers what do you want for the summer event this year. They asked for a shawl. In hindsight they did not necessarily ask for a full on all colorwork shawl like the Eternity Shawl, but that was what they got 😀

I am not a shawl kind of person, still they asked for it, so I decided that was what they should get. In another hindsight, they didn’t necessarily wish for a huge shawl, but more in the lines of what I would call a triangle scarf. So much for communication, even in Norwegian (our mother tongue) we managed to communicate thinking we talked about the same thing, when in fact we did talk about two different things.

A prerequisites

Anyway, shawl it was - and yes one of the prerequisites was that it should include the Mountain Roses.

How should I do that? I sat down thinking:

I automatically thought roses all over.
Roses all over means stranded knitting all over.
Shawls are flat and not traditionally knit in the round.
Knit a shawl with colorwork all over in the flat?


Even though I know how to do it, that is just not something I do. End of that story. I can do it for small parts of a garment - around the neckline for example - I would never willingly and open eyed enter into a project knit in the flat WITH colorwork, and with the size of a shawl. Not happening.

The solution

So, then the only solution was to knit it in the round and steek (cut).

When that decision was made I could also go a bit overboard on the pattern design - and I did. Since I always have the Mountain Rose included in the design (want to hear the story behind the Mountain Rose CLICK HERE) I always start with the rose and then I get started playing. At the time when I started designing the Eternity shawl I had just knit the March Mittens in the Mitten Bonanza and that’s where I started … the result is the Eternity Shawl.

How did I pick the colors? That is a story for another blog 😀

Tomorrow the signup for The Eternity Shawl is opening, and if you want to read more about it Click HERE (NB, if you click on this link when the registration is not open, you will be taken to the waitlist sign up)

Are you ready for some Eternity knitting?

Knitting love from
Anne, xx

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