Why My Love for Coldplay Reminds Me of Knitting

May 09, 2024

I'm an avid Coldplay fan—truly a HUGE fan!

At first, you might wonder what Coldplay has to do with knitting. On the surface, it seems like not much, but there’s a deeper connection when you think about it.

Occasionally , Coldplay perform concert which they stream live on the internet for free, like the one they did in Paris, France in the summer of 2022. I had the app, I tuned in, and I absolutely loved every minute of it. Every single minute! 

Having experienced their concerts in person before, I can say there's nothing quite like being there. Although they never play in Norway, I'm committed to seeing them live again, which involves saving up for travel and accommodation. But why go through all this effort when I can watch for free online? Simple: the whole experience—from planning and anticipation to the concert and cherished memories afterward—is irreplaceable. It’s a bit like comparing apples to pears...

This brings me to knitting. Just like in the world of music, you can find plenty of free knitting resources. However, at some point, you might buy a pattern or a book, and maybe, after some consideration, you decide to invest in a knitting event or course. This decision to use your "savings jar" for something you've wanted for a long time is what elevates the experience beyond the free offerings.

In Anne’s Norwegian Knitting, we share both free and premium content because we believe in offering something special for everyone at different stages of their knitting journey.

If you haven’t yet joined our closed Facebook group, found Anne's Norwegian KNitting design on YouTube, or attended one of our free events, NOW is the perfect time to dive in. We have exciting activities planned, both free and paid in the months to come all bursting with vibrant colors. 

Right now you can join us for the paid Eternity Shawl Experience which starts on June 3rd or you can join us in the free Color Workshop hosted from 22-28 May.  

Stay tuned to get the most out of what suits you best.

Happy knitting vibes,


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